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Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

In our experience, an ever greater number of UK university students are reporting profound concern with the standard of tuition, resources and feedback that they receive from their institutions.

We believe that there is a legitimate place for private companies to fill this gap through the provision of world class services which make use of technological innovations in education.

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A Case Study: John

Why do you write for Academic Minds?

“Writing has always been appealing to me. I have worked for several writing companies before, but writing for Academic Minds has been especially challenging and inspiring. It has sharpened my skills and enabled me to broaden my horizons, since I have been able to take up tasks related to a variety of subject areas. Through this dynamic experience, I have been able to improve my analytical thinking and expand my knowledge.”


What are the advantages of being a freelancer with Academic Minds?

“The biggest advantage is the fact that the hours are flexible, especially for those who do it as a hobby or side-line career. It allows you to hold a full time job to supplement your income until your writing career starts rolling.”


"Another appealing fact is that writers can work anywhere. This is great for inspiration, especially for writers like me who find it soothing to sit in a park or café while writing, or just to sit at home, writing comfortably in their pyjamas!"


"Additionally, co-ordination with supervisors is extremely efficient. Supervisors are co-operative and always communicate clearly and promptly. Payments are carried out in a timely manner."


What is it like dealing with the company?

“Dealing with the company is convenient and easy. Most of the communication is carried out via email. Supervisors are remarkably friendly and helpful – always willing to work around things when a writer proposes something in particular regarding tasks. The company offers flexibility to a great extent, which I believe makes it an enjoyable experience.”

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