Enjoy a flexible career that rewards your academic expertise

Who do we need?

You’re the cream of the academic world, with many years of study behind you. You're a graduate of Oxbridge, or a leading red-brick or a pre-eminent international university. You’re searching for an outlet to exercise your harnessed academic knowledge, because sometimes academic excellence and a First or 2:1 degree don’t translate into just rewards. Now it’s time to put that right.


What will you be doing? You’ve accumulated years of knowledge that you can now unlock as an academic mentor. You’ll help Academic Minds’ clients with whichever of our services suits you best: writing model essays and dissertations, editing and marking student work or being a tutor – or a combination of these. You’ll earn excellent money, too, working anywhere with an Internet connection, at whatever time suits you.


How does it work? You simply apply, bid for the work, complete it and get paid quickly. Once approved, you’ll work freelance, with no minimum number of briefs. You can choose what you bid for – from quick £50 projects to dissertations with fees into the thousands. At Academic Minds, we pay the highest rates in the industry, with some writers earning upwards of £4000 a month.


What's my commitment?So long as you meet your deadlines for completing projects, you’ll be free to work to your own schedule. Some of our mentors live and work abroad – in the mountains, on the beach, on the road. But it’s up to you entirely. You can simply stay at home and enjoy the flexibility of working around family commitments or personal interests.

With Academic Minds, you can make good on all those years of study.

Oxford University

Our academic mentors

Our freelance academic mentors have risen above the rest. They’re an outstanding group of professionals who demand excellence of themselves. They’ve also found a way to monetise years of painstaking academic study. We are currently hiring academics who have studied in all subject areas.

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Is this you?
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • History
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology

Who are we?

UK universities have sometimes struggled under the burden of their responsibilities, especially when it comes to international students. That’s why more and more students are turning to the private sector for academic support. 

Since 2006, Academic Minds has helped over 16,000 students, worked on 25,000 assignments and delivered over 15,000 tutorials on all subjects of undergraduate and Masters study. We’re the UK’s most-trusted private higher-education provider. 

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